"I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough."

I have become rather fearful I suppose.  (via dollpoetry)

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Tweets from bands/band members to remember if you’re feeling shitty

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"As long as you’re happy, do not worry about me."

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A Day To Remember // If It Means a Lot To You

Hey darling, I hope you’re good tonight,
I know you don’t feel right when I’m leaving. 
Yeah, I want it but no, I don’t need it. 
Tell me something sweet to get me by.

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what the fuck

what does his mother think of him not having a shirt on?

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Some of the lovely tributes to Robin.

(X, X, X and X)

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"It’s kinda sad isn’t it?
That someone could hurt you so much that you have to write about it."

July 7th (via demorxlise)

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